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Yes!  Regardless of any forecast predicting rain, snow, or frost, we can install year round allowing you to keep to your construction schedule.  There’s no waiting for the base to “go off”, as soon as they are in the ground they are ready for use

Yes.  Whether it’s sandy, loam, clay … whatever.  Plus, we can conduct pull/push tests to ascertain the loadings in accordance with EN9997 and EN1997

The groundscrews are fully galvanised inside and out and will last in excess of 50 years.  Or, if you are looking for a temporary solution for scaffolding that cannot use outriggers or temporary staging, the groundscrews can be installed and then easily removed at the end of the job leaving minimal ground damage.

The load bearing capabilities of a groundscrew are dependent on the type of soil that they are being used in, the length of the groundscrew, the width or the flights, the diameter of the groundscrew, and probably other factors as well.  The way to determine the load bearing capabilities of a groundscrew is by conducting either a pull test, a push test, and a torsion test. 

A pull test is conducted by attaching calibrated equipment and measuring how much force is required to pull the groundscrew out of the ground.  Calculations are made on the test results in accordance with industry standards, this gives the expected load bearing capabilities with a margin for safety factored in.

Push testing is again done with calibrated equipment, but this time the pressure is applied downwards and the failure point is found

Torsion testing is done in the same manner to find out how much force is needed to move the groundscrew sideways.

Kinder to the environment.

Our ground screws are more efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional methods, and they are also usually a more cost-effective option than concrete. If you're looking for a reliable, affordable screw base installation company, look no further than us!






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